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This is your last chance to purchase into the most exclusive apartment community Manukau City will see in decades. The built in amenities & price point at Lakewood Plaza are unmatched in the Auckland market, providing investors and home buyers ample opportunity for growth.

From retail and cuisine to entertainment and adventure, Lakewood Plaza is situated in one of New Zealand’s most exciting places to live, work and grow. Recently ranked New Zealand’s most promising region for residential property investment (Colliers International, 2020), the opportunity to invest in Manukau has never been better.

Harness the massive growth taking place here and reserve your apartment today!

Lakewood Apartments New Zealand

Lakewood Plaza at a Glance

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The Lakewood Lifestyle

  • Arrive home to your own concierge service
  • Work out at our fully equipped, state of the art gymnasium
  • Dive into the 20 metre indoor swimming pool
  • Relax in the spa or sauna rooms
  • Dine in at the restaurant/cafe
  • Gain peace of mind with Du Val Group Headquarters on the ground floor
Lakewood Apartments New Zealand
Concierge Service
Cafe and Restaurant
Lakewood Apartments New Zealand
Du Val Clubs Health and Fitness Centre (membership included in purchase)
Lakewood Apartments New Zealand
Du Val Group Headquarters Investment Portfolio Management (IPM) offices
Lakewood Apartments

For long term property growth, Our money is on Manukau


  • Manukau’s population grew by an enormous 56% between 2006 and 2013
  • Manukau has one of New Zealand’s most productive retail hubs
  • Council-owned organisation Panuku Development has a 20 year plan to significantly increase commercial space, residential development and infrastructure in Manukau

Learn more about what makes Manukau such a fantastic place to invest in the Lakewood Plaza brochure!

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It’s free to reserve your apartment and your reservation is not legally binding. It’s basically to ensure that you reserve the apartment at today’s price point.

For any questions about this pop in your reservation, or contact us on or +64 9 263 7205

Unit No Unit Type Level Aspect Bedroom Bathroom Car Park AREA M2 RESERVE
PU 111 Premium Suite1West22No64
PU 204 Premium Suite2West22No62
PU 206 Dual Key2East22No63
PU 209 Premium Suite2East22No61
PU 302 Dual Key3West22No63
PU 307 Dual Key3East22No64
PU 309 Premium Suite3East22No61
PU 310 Premium Suite3West22No61
PU 409 Premium Suite4East22No61
PU 410 Premium Suite4West22No61
PU 411 Premium Suite4West22No64
PU 505 Dual Key5East22No63
PU 506 Dual Key5East22No63
PU 507 Dual Key5East22No63
PU 604 Premium Suite6West22No63
PU 605 Dual Key6East22No63
PU 607 Dual Key6East22No63
PU 704 Premium Suite7West22No62
PU 710 Premium Suite7West22No61
PU 711 Premium Suite7West22No64
PU 809 Premium Suite8East22163
PU 901 Dual Key9West22163
PU 909 Premium Suite9East22163
PU 910 Premium Suite9West22163
PU 1001 Dual Key10West22163
PU 1102 Dual Key11West22163
PU 1103 Dual Key11West22163
PU 1104 Premium Suite11West22162
PU 1107 Dual Key11East22163
PU 1111 Premium Suite11West22164
PU 1203 Dual Key12West22163
PU 1209 Premium Suite12East22161
PU 1211 Premium Suite12West22164
PU 1303 Dual Key13West22163
PU 1304 Premium Suite13West22163
PU 1306 Dual Key13East22163
PU 1307 Dual Key13East22163
PU 1308 Dual Key13East22163
PU 1309 Premium Suite13East22163
PU 1310 Premium Suite13West22163
PU 1401 Premium Suite14West22163
PU 1402 Premium Suite14West22163
PU 1403 Premium Suite14West22163
PU 1404 Premium Suite14West22163
PU 1405 Penthouse14East322121

Lakewood Apartments New Zealand

Refer a friend and
win a $3000 voucher

Refer a friend who purchases at Lakewood Plaza and we’ll throw in a free $3000 voucher to a place of your choice, just to say thanks!

Referral Terms & Conditions - Lakewood Plaza

  1. 1. Between 7th August 2020 and 31st August 2020, every person is entitled to participate in and receive the benefit of the Promotion if that person:
    1. Refers a friend, via or another referral method acceptable to Du Val (the Referral);
    2. The Referral expresses an interest in an apartment;
    3. The Referral selects an apartment;
    4. The Referral books a meeting with a Du Val sales representative; and
    5. Subsequently enters into, declares unconditional and pays the full deposit on, a Sale and Purchase Agreement to purchase an apartment at 8 Lakewood Court, Manukau (Lakewood ASAP) from Lakewood Plaza Limited Partnership (Vendor) on the Vendor’s standard terms (the Participant)....
  2. The Promotion entitles the Participant to receive a voucher, to a New Zealand business of the Participant’s choosing, to the value of $3,000 inclusive of taxes and shipping; and
  3. If Du Val is (for whatever reason) unable to procure the voucher, the Participant will receive a substitute gift of commensurate value subject to these terms and conditions (the Promotion). General Provisions applying to the Promotion:
  4. The Promotion may only be redeemed, by a Participant, once, notwithstanding that their Referral may result in the Referral purchasing multiple apartments. A Participant may only redeem subsequent offers of the Promotion in respect of separate and independent Referrals. The Promotion is not transferable and is not able to be redeemed for cash. In no circumstance will Du Val (or any other party) be liable to pay more than $3,000 (including GST) per Participant, or per Promotion.
  5. The Referral must have consented to having their personal information provided to Du Val prior to the date of the referral, where the Participant indemnifies Du Val for any claim arising out of the Participant’s failure to procure such consent. Du Val will comply with the Privacy Act 1993 in it’s handling and storage of such personal information.
  6. It is the Participant’s responsibility to contact Du Val in order to claim the Promotion by making contact via Du Val’s website.
  7. The Participant will be entitled to and will receive the benefit of the Promotion following the Referral’s full and complete settlement of their Lakewood ASAP, pursuant to the Sale and Purchase Agreement described herein at clause 1(e).
  8. For the purposes of clause 1, unconditional means that the Referral has satisfied or waived all of the conditions inserted for the Referral’s benefit (other than the Sunset Clause at clause 3.6), such that the Referral will be unconditionally obliged to complete settlement under their Lakewood Apartment ASAP once all of the Vendor’s conditions are satisfied.
Lakewood Apartment New Zealand

Construction beginning Q4 2020